The Mayflower

Located only 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, Thornhill Park hosts residential community ‘The Mayflower’ - a unique investment opportunity in Australia that enables you to invest and buy at the same time. The Mayflower facilitates 161 lots, with land or house and land packages available.


Earn a 30% return on an 18 month term.

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How are the returns generated?

The Mayflower Capital Limited is partially funded through mezzanine or pref equity funding, which is then paid back with interest. Investor returns are factored into the interest payments with the surplus retained by The Mayflower Capital Limited. This is how The Mayflower Capital Limited is able to offer a higher return in comparison to other products, like term deposits or savings accounts.


Want to invest, and buy land as well?

The Mayflower are currently offering the opportunity to invest, earn returns and use the returns to purchase a lot of your choice.

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